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ColorWatch System Extract Step 1 500 ml

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Coloration without damaged hair.
A revolutionary COLOR WATCH SYSTEM to eliminate possible hair damage ¬during the coloring and lightening processes.
Restores broken hair bonds, and builds new ones
Hair structure is regenerated during the coloring process
Protects hair from possible damage due to the stress of bleaching and coloring
Strengthens and revitalizes hair structure
Extends the life of hair color
Expect perfect color results without worrying about the ¬condition of your client’s hair
You do not need to worry about the condition of the hair when ¬bleaching, lightening, or coloring.
Add Colorwatch Extract to your color/bleach formulation. This will not influence the target color, development time or bleaching process.

ColorWatch System Extract Step 1 500 ml
ColorWatch System Extract Step 1 500 ml

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