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  Sold byRumidimur DMCC
  Shipping fromUnited Arab Emirates
  Delivery timeother
  Delivery feefree
  Payment methodsBank transfer

Organic Skincare based on Silver nanoparticles and antibacterial formula. The best solution for acne prone skin. Display for retail sales in your Salon

Kit includes:

  • 10 pcs. x Soaps (95 gms) Mild daily soap for face, hand and body. It deeply cleanses combination and oily facial skin, keeping it healthy and purified. It thoroughly protects and rejuvenates hands and body
  • 10  pcs. x Foaming Face Washes (150 ml) Mild foam deeply cleanses delicate face and skin, keeping it healthy and purified. Cleanser effectively removes impurities and microbes while retaining skin’s essential moisture, leaving skin perfectly clean and fresh.
  • 15  pcs. x Sanitizers (20 ml) Organic sanitizer perfectly ensures clean hands and forms a protective antibacterial layer on the skin for 8 hours.

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