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  Sold byAlde Vaal FZE
  Fulfilled ByeBeautyTrade
  Shipping fromUnited Arab Emirates
  Delivery time1-3 days
  Delivery feefree
  Payment methodscash on delivery, Bank transfer, later payment

Caspian Sea Organic bath bombs retail set for spa-level treatments. 28 pcs, 20 g each, coming in 6 different smells:

  • Caspian Breeze
  • Relax & Unwind
  • Pampering Moment
  • Pick me up
  • The Fifth Voyage
  • Green Balance

Composed of a diversity of salts in the form of delicate crystals unique to the Caspian sea, it includes not only table salt (NaCl) but also Epsom salt (MgSO4) and Glauber’s salt (NaSO4) as well as several major and minor minerals and organic sediments that are naturally formed over hundreds of thousands of years.

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