Sensitive Creme PS 100 ml

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 Calming and comforting sensitive hyper-reactive skin, boost skin’s  tolerance threshold (less

sensitive skin) Immediate and durable improvement of skin discomfort sensation (tautness,

itching,…) Calmed and comforted skin Paraben-free, fragrance-free, and no essential oils,

formulated to minimize the risk of allergy tolerance tested by dermatologistsNon-comedogenic

Massage:  Mix even amount of Sensitive Creme Peaux Sensibles and Nutri Defense,

add Mesonium 1 (½ vial). Personalized mask Pour Sensitive Creme Peaux Sensibles into a cup,

add Hydratant 60 gradually to obtain a homogeneous paste. Apply the mask with a Yon-Ka brush

to the neck and face, performing long and slow effleurages. BaseApply the cream in a thin layer to

the neck and face.Add MESONIUM 1 for more nutrition if necessary.

Sensitive Creme PS 100 ml
Sensitive Creme PS 100 ml

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