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Pamplemousse PNG 100 ml

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Revitalizing and protective for normal to oily skin, Protects, normalizes, and tightens the pores, age

prevention cream, lights up the complexion, and vitalizesVitamin enriched cream, a true shot of

energy, invigorating citrus fragrance, leaves the skin feeling refreshed and velvety soft Appreciated

by everybody, practical and hygienic tube, paraben free.

Massage: Apply the cream (hazelnut size) mixed with a booster (1/4 to 1 vial) to the decollete,

neck, and face: Hydra + to hydrate, Nutri + to nourish.Base cream:  Apply alone or mixed with

a booster (5 drops) to the neck and face:Hydra + to hydrate

Pamplemousse PNG 100 ml
Pamplemousse PNG 100 ml

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