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Hyalogy BW Night Brightening Cream 50 g

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This cream is intended for pigmentation reduction at any age. In constant use, it lightens the pigment spots and evens the skin tone. Regular use of this product smoothes skin, improves its structure, and releases the skin from hyperkeratosis. The cream has a light texture, which makes it pleasant for use, especially in the hot season, when the skin is more susceptible to pigmentation.
How to use :
Apply 1ml of the cream on the skin after any lotion and brightening serum.  Use tapping and patting motions until the product is completely absorbed.
Key Ingredients:
Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid superoxide dismutase,
Hydrolyzed eggshell membrane protein,
hydrolyzed pearl protein

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Hyalogy BW Night Brightening Cream 50 g
Hyalogy BW Night Brightening Cream 50 g

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