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Gel Nettoyant 400 ml

Fulfilled by:  Medispa

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Cleansing gel, gently cleanses and removes make-up for all skin types, face, eyes, and lips does not

sting eyes, Highly appreciated by oily skin and skin with juvenile imperfections, light and silky soft

foam, refreshing gel, citrus fruit fragrance (litsea cubeba), rinse  off with waterEconomical and

practical: twist top bottle, available in travel size, paraben-free, tolerance tested by dermatologists


Eyes and lips: Apply the gel directly. Then, rinse off with a damp cotton pad or remove make-up

with a damp cotton pad and the cleansing gel, then rinse off with water. Repeat the application

if necessary Use small swabs to finish properly the removal of make-up. Face and neck: Apply the

gel and make light circular movements. Rinse off with water. Repeat the application if necessary. 

Dry the skin with a tissue.

Gel Nettoyant 400 ml
Gel Nettoyant 400 ml

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