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Creme 15 100 ml

Fulfilled by:  Medispa

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 Purifies, normalizes, and soothes, Prevents the appearance of small pimply rashes after hair

removal and blackhead extraction and calms irritated skin practical and hygienic tube, paraben-free,

tolerance tested by dermatologists, non-comedogenic

Massage Apply to the decollate, neck, and face, the cream alone or mixed with Juvenil 1/4 to 1 vial)

to purifyMesonium 1 (1/4 to 1 vial) to regenerate the skin and prevent scarring. Mask: After hair

removal and blackhead extraction, apply the cream locally in a thick layer and compress of

Emulsion Concentree (pure or 6V) on sensitive skin leave on for about 5 to 10 min. Remove the

compress and make the cream penetrate

Creme 15 100 ml
Creme 15 100 ml

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