The Ultimate Salon Routine

with Olaplex

Including 3 treatments :

1-OLAPLEX Chelating Treatment

2-OLAPLEX Stand-Alone Treatment


We’ve entered peak season for hair salons and spring hair care. While we love a big transformation, sometimes all your hair needs is a little nudge in the right way. Improved health is always a priority that we can all agree should come first. While everyone’s definition of health is different, we can assist you with your hair health! The three in-salon OLAPLEX Treatments combine to form the perfect salon routine that promotes the integrity of your hair.

Whether you plan on getting color treatments or just want to get your hair in shape, this technique will make your canvas the best of both worlds. It provides you with the healthiest hair possible, with no barriers that make it difficult for color to penetrate. It will leave your hair healthy and strong.

1-OLAPLEX Chelating Treatment:

This is the initial step before beginning any treatment. A chelating treatment is the ultimate hair reset since it removes impurities, chemicals, chlorine, hard water, and contaminants that cause damage to the hair. To get the perfect OLAPLEX salon routine, make sure your hair is as clean as possible in order for OLAPLEX to work its magic and permeate the hair. Chelating treatments normally leave the hair feeling harsh and dry, but OLAPEX’s is different since it is formulated with OLAPLEX’s bond building technology, which rebuilds your hair while removing build up and all the bad stuff.

2-OLAPLEX Stand-Alone Treatment:

The OLAPLEX OG Stand-Alone Therapy is used to restore the bonds in your hair. It is the salon-quality treatment that inspired the No.0 and No.3 at-home treatments. It is safe and suitable for everyone, as all hair types can benefit from healthier hair with each treatment. Obtain one for a healthy hair refresh, before a color change or color service, or before a special occasion. Each treatment restores your hair to its virgin state, resulting in the healthiest hair possible for you. It accomplishes this using OLAPLEX’s proprietary original bond building technique and is applicable to any service!


Hello, moisture! This treatment has everything your hair requires to be healthy, smooth, and soft. The 4-IN-1Moisture Mask powerfully hydrates while also strengthening hair connections, something no other moisture mask does. It’s a lifesaver for anyone suffering from the Fall/Winter blues and has dry, scratchy hair that needs a hydration boost. Excellent for all hair types, especially curly hair, which is prone to dryness.

Sandrella Daoud
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