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If you are the manufacturer, retailer, distributor, beauty professional or Spa Salon owner – Beauty Trade Shows are invaluable opportunity to interact in person with your audience and connect with industry influencers of the Middle East. In addition, the trade show allows you to create engaging behind-the-scenes content to share on your own social media; so, you can take your followers along for the ride and boost online exposure.

But first, check whether the show is focused on. It’s vital to choose the one that best suits your brand. Ideally, you would attend a conference that attracts your competitors and the most respected thought leaders in your field.

For example, Beautyworld Middle East is oriented primarily towards manufacturers, retailers and distributors. Professional Beauty is geared more towards beauty professionals, and Dubai Derma focuses on the innovative science behind dermatology.

So, what are the main benefits of attending the Beauty Industry conferences in Dubai?

●Enhance consumer familiarity with your message and products or services

●Access networking opportunities with fellow industry professionals at all levels

●Attend educational events to increase your industry knowledge, and/or offer educational workshops about your own brand

●Find distributors and increase sales leads.

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How To Determine the ROI of Participating?

This isn’t always easy to calculate as the value of an event is often not known until well after it’s happened. But you can make a start by calculating your costs for the exhibit so you know what you need to cover.

After the conference has wrapped up and a few weeks have passed, you can then assign a value to each of the contacts or transactions you made as a result of it. There’s no formula for doing this because it’s very subjective; you and your team are the only people who can determine how much value any one contact is to you.

You can track lead generation and sales using a CRM such as Salesforce, or similar. Enter each lead you make at the event and then set up a reporting system to track the results of those leads in order to monitor performance. This allows you to more accurately assign a monetary value to each lead.

Then you can add up the lead values along with the profit from sales and deduct the cost of your participation in the event – then that number is your profit. As long as your gross profit is higher than your total investment you’ll have a positive ROI.

To calculate your ROI use this simple formula:

ROI = (Gross profit – Marketing Expenses) / Marketing Expenses

Depending on your sales cycle length and marketing strategy, you may need to update this ROI on a weekly or monthly basis for some time after the event — so the final ROI may not be known until up to a year (or even longer for some companies) after the conference.

However, if you have a successful conference it’s possible that the long-term benefits for your brand or for you as a professional will be more important to you than the ROI. Some conferences can kickstart professional development, spark new ideas and solidify relationships — even mentorships — that will support you for years to come.