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Need help getting new customers into your spa? You don’t want to miss out on these 7 creative spa promotion ideas that will boost sales.

The spa industry is constantly changing and evolving. There are hotel spas, destination spas, spas that also offer salon services, and more.

Some are very very specialized, and others not so much. They could be leisure venues that have spa facilities. But despite the differences, those in the spa business know that attracting customers can sometimes be a challenge. Here, we’ll talk about some spa promotion ideas you can try to acquire new clients and boost sale.

1.First Visit Special Offer

Think about the times you bought something because it was on sale. For a lot of us, the idea of saving money on a product or a service is hard to resist. And even if you muster the willpower to resist such an offer, you can’t deny that it still grabbed your attention.

That’s what you want to take advantage of when you do a first visit special offer. Try something like a 20% discount or a dollar value discount, positioned as a credit.

The latter is an especially good way to entice new customers into checking out your spa a second time. Remember, people don’t like wasting money. If they don’t use their credit, they will feel like they let go of another good deal.

2. Run an Online Contest

There are many reasons why online contests are one of the best spa promotion ideas you can try. One, it’s an easy way to get a bigger fan following. And two, it gives you a chance to interact with your existing fans, as well as gather lead data for future campaigns.

You could run a photo contest on Facebook, for example. Ask participants to submit a photo that you can also use to promote your spa later on. Relate it to a specific theme – the holidays, wellness vacations, etc.

You could also try a video or an essay contest. Just don’t lose sight of the goal. It must be a contest that motivates people to enter and even ask their friends to join so you can get those new leads.

3. Partner with the Right People

Being part of the local community puts you in the perfect position to network with other business owners. You can exchange promotional materials with hair salons, gyms, stores that sell health foods, and so on. Just make sure these are establishments your ideal customers frequently visit.

Aside from swapping promotional materials, you can also look into exclusive promotions. Let’s say you don’t offer nail services, but you know a business owner who does. You can offer discount coupons for each others’ services.

The important thing is to make sure both businesses benefit from the joint promotional activity.

4. Host Events

Good spa promotion ideas don’t just send more traffic through your doors. They also forge stronger industry relationships. Hosting and/or attending events can help you accomplish both.

Try raising money for a local charity. You can give free facials or massages to people who pledge a certain amount of money.

You can also host a makeover party or a wine tasting event. There are so many events you can organize to get your name out there. If hosting an event is something you can’t do at the moment, you can attend one such as bridal shows and industry educational events. This way, you can network and find partners who may be willing to send their clients your way.

5. Offer Exceptional Customer Service

We talked about how an all-star customer service can help increase spa sales in a previous post. When your clients are satisfied with their spa experiences, they would be more willing to refer your business to their friends and relatives.

And the great thing about this is some aspects can be automated. Get a do-it-all software to send appointment reminders via text and email. Or you can try personalizing new client consultations by tailoring your recommendations based on a client’s day-to-day routines.

6. Strengthen Your Online Presence

Spa promotion ideas don’t always have to cost money. You just need to devote some time and effort to make them work.

Social media platforms for one can be a powerful advertising tool. If you haven’t set up your social media accounts, you’re missing out on a free opportunity to promote your spa business. Don’t forget to share photos of your facilities, staff, and make sure to highlight the effort you put into making each client feel beautiful and relaxed.

Post promotions, link to your blog and even start flash sales. Use creative means to always engage the fans you already have and be appealing to those who may be interested in checking out your products and services.

7. Be Tech-Savvy

One way to appeal to people who are looking for a new spa to try is to emphasize how much more convenient and accessible your business is compared to others. A great spa software can help you do this, coupled with social media expertise.

Some features of a spa software include an appointment book, Facebook scheduling, and client management. It can also help you do text and email appointment confirmations, photo organization, and online reviews.

Remember, the more areas of your spa business you can automate, the more time you have for personalizing rewarding customer experiences. And when customers feel they can’t get the same experience with other spas, they will keep patronizing your business.

Put Your Spa Promotion Ideas to Work

You may offer the best facials, body treatments, and massage techniques. But if most of your time goes to administrative tasks, you can’t really ensure you’re giving it your all when it comes to customer service. And it will also eat up time you should be devoting to properly promoting your spa business.

For more spa and salon tips and tricks, visit