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Ericson Laboratoire


United Arab Emirates

Professor Ericson who dedicated his life to medicine and research, worked in a hospital and specialized in the surgery and the repair of burned skin tissue. When he met his wife-to-be, new horizons opened to him. Amazed by his husband's competence, Mrs Ericson, who was a qualified beautician, asked her husband to treat some of her clients' skin problems. Results were far beyond their expectations. In 1962, the couple opened the first ERICSON Beauty Treatment Centre, where Professor Ericson put his "Cellulotherapy" treatment into practice (a famous Swiss clinical method, very trendy at the time in Switzerland, which consisted in the injection of living cell extracts). In ERICSON Beauty Treatment Centre, applications were only external. The use of placenta, embryo or amniotic fluid extracts enabled to treat damaged skin (scars, wrinkles, dull skin, etc.) very efficiently. The ERICSON Beauty Treatment Centre acclaimed by the Paris jet set (famous artists, politicians' and businessmen's wives) was a great success.

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